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Proceedings Volume 18 Contents

  • Introduction
  • Classification of 2-Fano manifolds with high index
    Carolina Araujo and Ana-Maria Castravet
  • Abelian varieties associated to Gaussian lattices
    Arnaud Beauville
  • Rank of divisors on graphs: An algebro-geometric analysis
    Lucia Caporaso
  • A tour of stable reduction with applications
    Sebastian Casalaina-Martin
  • The solvable monodromy extension property and varieties of log general type
    Sabin Cautis
  • Effective divisors of moduli spaces of curves and abelian varieties
    Dawei Chen, Gavril Farkas, and Ian Morrison
  • Rational self maps of Calabi-Yau manifolds
    Xi Chen 
  • Variations on Nagata’s conjecture
    Ciro Ciliberto, Brian Harbourne, Rick Miranda, and Joaquime Róe
  • Symplectic restriction varieties and geometric branching rules
    Izzet Coskun
  • Riemann-Roch for Deligne-Mumford stacks
    Dan Edidin 
  • The regularity of the conductor
    David Eisenbud and Bernd Ulrich
  • Stability of genus five canonical curves
    Maksym Fedorchuk and David Smyth 
  • Restriction of sections for families of abelian varieties
    Tom Graber and Jason Michael Starr 
  • Correspondence and cycles spaces: A result comparing their cohomologies
    Mark Green and Phillip Griffiths 
  • Geometry of theta divisors—a survey
    Samuel Grushevsky and Klaus Hulek
  • Singular curves and their compactified Jacobians
    Jesse Leo Kass 
  • On the Göttsche threshold
    Steven L. Kleiman and Vivek V. Shende, with an appendix by
    Ilya Tyomkin 
  • Curve counting à la Göttsche
    Steven L. Kleiman 
  • Mn ̈ev-Sturmfels universality for schemes
    Seok Hyeong Lee and Ravi Vakil 
  • Gromov-Witten theory and Noether-Lefschetz theory
    Davesh Maulik and Rahul Pandharipande 
  • Numerical Macaulification
    Juan Migliore and Uwe Nagel 
  • The non-nef locus in positive characteristic
    Mircea Mustata
  • Pairwise incident planes and hyperka ̈hler four-folds
    Kieran O’Grady 
  • Derived equivalence and non-vanishing loci
    Mihnea Popa 
  • Degenerations of rationally connected varieties and PAC fields
    Jason Starr 
  • Remarks on curve classes on rationally connected varieties
    Claire Voisin